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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Buddy Around the World

Cuba: Buddy Meets Church Worker

Hello, it's me, Buddy Barrel! I'm in Cuba this month visiting my church friends throughout this tiny island nation.  Read this letter of thanks from a church worker to all the BGMC kids for their BGMC offerings.

Dear Boys & Girls:

“Will you come to Cuba to help us start a ministry to our pastors’ kids?” Pastor Daniel and his wife Kati where then the Cuban AG national youth directors.


Daniel and Kati were in Costa Rica for a youth leaders conference in 2007 and heard of PK (pastors’ kids) ministries in several Latin American countries, including Costa Rica. They reached out to us and their Costa Rican PK ministry team for help.

Jon assured them that they would trust God to provide the resources to make the first PK camp in Cuba happen. They contacted AG leaders and found out that BGMC would be glad to help.

In July of 2008, 300 young people rode in cattle-truck buses from all over Cuba to attend the first national PK retreat, where the Costa Rican team ministered. BGMC provided funds to buy the food and continues to support this annual ministry year after year.

Pastor Moises, the Cuban ministry’s director, tells of many amazing life changes through the PK ministry. One young woman who struggled with anorexia has become a powerful worship leader. A once-angry young man named Juan is now helping his father in ministry and writing Christian reggae songs. For many, the ministry provides a “pressure release valve,” a safe group of friends that will listen to frustrations and encourage each other to serve God.

Special thanks to the children and leaders of BGMC, who open doors for many life-changing ministries.

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