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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Do You Have The Faith?

Jacob Accepts the Faith Challenge

by Kelly Presson, a children's pastor

I really felt our church should make a BGMC goal of $10,000. This was a big step because it was double what we gave the previous year. I spoke about the BGMC goal from the pulpit to the adults. I explained that we were believing the Lord for one or more of the kids in children's church to be the first in our church to give $1,000 to BGMC in one year.

Little did I know that one of those kids would be our child, nine-year-old Jacob.

David and Mary Boyd, at the national BGMC office, presented BGMC to our entire church and challenged the kids to make a faith promise for BGMC. It was in this service that Jacob was touched and felt he should make a $1,000 faith promise for BGMC.

During the service, David Boyd mentioned that one great way to raise money was for kids to do extra chores. That idea sparked Jacob's interest. He came home from church and immediately wanted to do extra chores for BGMC. We had lots of unwanted rocks throughout our landscaping, so I told Jacob I would give him 10 cents for each rock he picked up.

Jacob dug out over 400 rocks from our land-scaping. (I hope none of the neighbors are missing rocks!) Jacob also did many extra chores and did them with a great attitude, always looking for something else to do in order to raise money for missions. Jacob then got money from each of his grandmothers for making good grades on his report card.

Without any coaching from us, Jacob decided he wanted to give that money to BGMC. He also participated in a BGMC bike-a-thon and raised $537. As the year was coming to an end, Jacob was still $60 from his $1,000 goal. The church had an all-church workday scheduled for an upcoming Saturday. Jacob received pledges for his work that day. He even received a $20 donation from our district Christian ed director, Ron Kelley.

Jacob worked seven hours at the church, planting flowers, moving boxes, setting up chairs, dragging unwanted items to the dumpster, and picking up limbs from the trees that were trimmed. All total, Jacob raised $1,006.87 for BGMC! Jacob became one of the first kids in our church to ever raise $1,000 for BGMC in one year.

We are so proud of Jacob and his heart for reaching people around the world by giving to BGMC so missionaries will have the supplies they need to present the gospel.

Buddy Barrel says, "Hey, Jacob, awesome job! Thanks for helping BGMC reach kids around the world for Jesus!"



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