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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Do You Have The Faith?

Colby Has A Heart for Missions

by Mark Entzminger, senior director of children's ministries, General Council

In February 2007, my wife, Christie, and I challenged the kids in our district (then South Dakota) to make a faith promise of $100 for BGMC. We took this very personally and had a talk with our five-year-old son, Colby, about it.

Colby had been giving to BGMC already, but this allowed us the opportunity to help him set a goal that we thought he could reach. Each day we do "commissions" with our son (thanks to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace Jr.) so he can earn money that goes into three different envelopes. One envelope for giving, one for saving, and one for spending.

Typically he can earn $7 to $13 a week. From this money we told Colby that if he put $2 in the "GIVE" envelope each week, it would be $100 by the end of the year. As most good daily plans go, we got busy and missed several days. Days became weeks. Weeks became months.

By November Colby had saved just over $40. One day I came home to be greeted by my son, who invited me to his bookstore. I walked into his room and saw how he had displayed several of his books. His intent was to invite all of our neighbors to his bookstore, where he could sell his books for BGMC.

I was so proud of him. We talked about the plan and ended up tweaking it a bit. Instead of selling his books, he decided to make his own books to sell. That night he began drawing his own "coloring books" that he could sell for BGMC.

The following Christmas, when the family came together, he again set up his bookstore, this time with captive customers. As Colby sat in his room with his books ready for sale, no customers were coming in. I asked him if he should pass out the invitations. He responded, "I have an idea. Why don't you be my servant and do that for me?"

How could I resist? I passed out the invitations, and one by one, family members stopped by the store to look at the animal books, car books, dinosaur books, and notebooks-all handmade by Colby.

At one point a "customer" wanted to make a $5 donation but only had a $10 bill. When they asked to make change, Colby gave them a look that said, I can't believe you want to take any of this money back because it's for missions.

As a result, Colby kept the whole $10. In the end, Colby sold all of his books and was even asked to make a couple of extra books. Colby saved over $60 from his extra book sales. When you combine that with the sales of his handmade books, he is turning in just over $150. Not bad for a kindergartener!

Buddy Barrel says, "Way to go, Colby! Keep up the great work for Jesus!"


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