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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Just Fill It

Just Fill It: The GIVE formula for "Pray, Give, Go."

Below are our national BGMC fund-raising campaigns in which you can be involved. Ask your children's pastor, teacher, or leader at church when you can begin doing these activities at your church.


Wheel It: Get your parents or leader to help you organize a wheel-a-thon. The idea is to get a group of other kids and leaders to go on a short trip on wheels such as bikes, skates, skate boards, scooters, you name it. Beforehand, you should find church members, family members, and friends who will commit to giving you a specific amount of money for each mile you wheel it. For example, have people pledge $5, $10, or more for each mile you wheel it. Ask your leader to set a course for you and your group so that you can bike, skate, or scooter the distance of that trail.

Up in the Air for Kids: Each year leaders go up on a billboard or scissor lift or roof to raise money for BGMC. You can go "Up in the Air" and raise money for BGMC too. One kid went "Up in the Air" on a trampoline for three days and raised over $1,000 for BGMC. Perhaps you and your entire church group, leader supervised of course, could spend a couple of days during nice weather up on a secure roof, on a hilltop in tents, or in the upper room of a building, to raise money for BGMC!

Click here for more information about "Up in the Air for Kids"

PopOut!: The idea behind this fund-raising challenge is to go an entire month without drinking soda. Take the money you would normally spend on sodas each week and give the money for missions efforts through BGMC. Go the extra mile and challenge your parents and teachers to do the PopOut Challenge with you.

Click here for more information about PopOut!

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