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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Hair "Razing" Event for BGMC

By Doris Schroeder

Roy and Traci Challender, children's ministries leaders at New Life Assembly of God in Michigan, regularly inspire their students to give to BGMC by subjecting themselves to dunk tanks, "gooing," and serving as a human ice cream sundae! The honor was given to Roy (see top photo) for getting the most donations in his BGMC bucket.

Roy and Traci invited one of their fifth grade students, Dane Casperson, to add another challenge to the mix by agreeing to cut his huge, red, curly Afro if a goal of $2,500 was met for BGMC. Friends and church members responded by giving. Dane's father, a state representative for Michigan, even shared Dane's photo with other state leaders, and they gave donations toward the cause.

When the last Sunday of July arrived, $2,548.87 had been given to BGMC, and Dane surrendered to the scissors (see middle and bottom photo). Dane became just like Buddy-with that short red top. As an added benefit, his 7½-inch Afro was donated to "Locks of Love" in honor of his mom who battled cancer.

This is what BGMC is about-boys and girls giving what they have for others-even their hair!

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