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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Aubrey Raises $1,324.55 for BGMC

Click here to view Aubrey in action doing a garage sale for BGMC!


When my pastor came to me and told me we have promised $15,000 to help churches in Eurasia [country name cannot be mentioned], I thought to myself, How in the world? That's a lot of money.Oh ye of little faith!

I made it a contest with my kids, and they sure stepped up to the plate. The one that hit a home run was one of my eight year olds, Aubrey (see photo right). She really worked hard to raise money for this cause by pulling weeds, selling boiled peanuts, and selling soft drinks. Her biggest feat of all was running a garage sale that earned her $1,060.00.

Aubrey first thought she could raise $500 but ended up raising a grand total of $1,324.55! Not one time did she think about keeping any of the money for herself; she knew that kids in [that country] needed to know about Jesus.

While other kids here were out playing, Aubrey spent two weekends working a garage sale to raise money. We ended up passing our goal of $15,000 and giving even more. I am proud to be the kids' pastor of such a great group of kids and a great church.

-Terry Gasperson, Kids Pastor, Florida


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