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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Gideon's Story

By Angela Hughes

I am the mother of three-year-old Gideon. If you ask him, "Why do we raise money for BGMC?" he will respond, "It goes to help people know Jesus, because I already know Jesus."

The amazing thing is that Gideon has raised $1,600 in his short life and is still going strong. Hopefully this will inspire others to give to BGMC as well.

As the children's pastor at First Assembly of God in South Dakota, I had challenged my students to raise as much money as they could this year. So I wanted to do my part as well. This past spring, Gideon and I went door-to-door selling pizza coupons. He had his own sales pitch and sold the coupons all by himself. He was awesome! Gideon raised $900 in about 10 days.

What a testimony to what God can do through the very young! 

Going door-to-door also gave Gideon and I the opportunity to talk to people about Jesus. But Gideon's story doesn't stop here. By the time we finished selling pizza cards, Gideon had raised another $300, totaling $1,200 for BGMC. 

Throughout the summer, Gideon and I began noticing lost change almost everywhere we went. "Lost Change for Lost Souls," we would say when we found money. Then we would thank Jesus right on the spot that we found it.

We would pray that God would help us find as much lost change as we could. One day when we went to church, I found a dollar bill on the ground beside the building. I said to my husband, "Look! I found a dollar!" At that Gideon came running to me and said, "I found one too!"

God has blessed our search for lost change. Over the course of time, Gideon found over $20 in loose change-under clothes dryers, on parking lots, and in mom's purse and dad's pockets. We even had grandma and grandpa looking for lost change. Hopefully now you will be on the lookout for lost change too.

After a while, we gave selling coupons a rest. When fall rolled around, Gideon asked me, "Are we going to sell anymore pizza cards?" I didn't even imagine he thought about that anymore. So we ordered in more coupons, and Gideon sold another $100 worth of coupons. 

Another fund-raiser our church did was selling coffee. Gideon himself raised almost $300 selling coffee!

Recently while riding in the car, Gideon thanked God for the money he had given to BGMC, and he was asking God to help him raise more money. Even though Gideon is just a little boy, he's a hard worker. His child faith keeps me going!

I hope our story can encourage and challenge you and others to give to BGMC.  Be encouraged that no matter how young you may be, a willing heart God will use!

Thanks, Gideon, for helping BGMC reach kids around the world for Jesus!

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