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Kid Power

Maggie Gave Her Bed-and dreamed to give more

By Corey Kautz, parent of Maggie and missionary to Colombia

Angie is one of nine children of a single mom.  She and seven of her siblings, along with her mother, lived in a one-room "house" with one bed they all shared. 

Angie had asked us for a blanket because she didn't have one to keep her warm as she slept. My daughter, Maggie, was very moved by all of the needs of the kids we met. But she felt especially bad that Angie had to share a bed with so many people. 

When it was time for us to return from Colombia to the States, Maggie asked if she could give her bed to Angie. At Maggie's request, we gave her bed, sheets, and blankets to the family so Angie and her family would have a better opportunity to sleep well and stay warm at night.

When we returned to the States and began itineration (raising funds so we could return to the missions field), Maggie was a little frustrated as we shared stories and testimonies. She was frustrated that she hadn't had a more active part in ministry. 

One evening, driving home from a conference, she went on and on for about an hour about how this time she was not just going to be on the sidelines. From then on, she was going to be used by God in Colombia and anywhere else He wanted to make a difference. 

"Next time we come back [to the States], I will stand on the stage and share testimonies of how God used me to help others," Maggie said. I should note here that Maggie is very shy and not one to be on stage or in the spotlight.

She began to think of how God could use her. That night she filled pages of her journal with ideas that she could do personally on the field. Most of them centered around collecting items she could give to needy children-school supplies, crafts, etc.  Then she remembered Angie, and that is where the idea of blankets, soap, and shampoo began to form.

A few weeks went by when Maggie began asking more questions about how she could make this dream happen. We set aside time to begin brainstorming (thinking of ideas).  As we talked, her small idea became bigger and bigger. Where she once wanted to make sure all of the students in Angie's school were taken care of, now her dream was expanding to the whole world. 

Maggie wanted to find missionaries in each country whom we could ship items to so they could pass out items to needy kids. She wants to make sure each gift would come with an opportunity to share the gospel message. We began to explore how we could get a Book of Hope attached to each gift. We wondered if children's groups would help collect items or women's groups would help make blankets. And we wondered if we could find companies that would help us buy blankets at a very low cost. 

At the end of the night, we felt we had formed a conglomerate (wide range of ideas). We reminded ourselves that at this point we are still at square one and should start small and figure out the details.

I was amazed at Maggie's ideas and desire to pour everything she had saved (about $200) and all of her energies into helping kids around the world! 

Since then we've begun to hear from churches who want to help Maggie's dreams come true. She's determined to reach the needs of children all over the world, and her passion is so strong, I have no doubt God will fulfill this vision in her heart. 

What dreams has God given you to touch the world for Him?

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