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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

One Week To Impact a Nation


White Mountain Apache Reservation will never be the same. Why? Because 26 people from four different churches and three states converged in Phoenix to serve the people in and around Whiteriver, Ariz.

The goal was simple-reach the people with the love of Jesus. Our team did this by using three approaches: conducting a Mega Sports camp for kids, doing a work project for Whiteriver Assembly, and conducting community outreach events in outlying areas.

The team consisted of 14 adults and 12 children. After spending eight days with our team, I am convinced that the missions trip was God led and the team handpicked by Him. 

The kids on the team were ages 8 to 15 and were involved in every aspect of the trip. All participants were focused and driven to complete whatever task was before them. From sunrise to sunset, the team gave all they had to impact this community.

The kids on our team were fast to make friends with other children on the reservation. They played together and spent time together during the sports camp and huddle groups. As a result of these friendships, many children we ministered to listened to the gospel message and gave their lives to Jesus.

In the afternoons, the team personalized the work project, that of the children's ministries building. They conceptualized the vision of the Whiteriver AG children's pastor by remodeling the children's building. From one end of the building to the other, the team organized, labeled, constructed a puppet stage and puppet rack; painted wall murals and painted the rooms, scrubbed floors, replaced a toilet, tore out the rotting kitchen sink and counter and replaced it with a utility sink, and hung new window treatments. By the end of the third day of renovation, the building had been transformed.

During the evenings we took to the streets, where we were able to share the message of Jesus in fun and relevant ways and then distributed The Book of Hope to everyone there.

Lives were changed that week. There was Tatiyana, who received hope as she prayed with the team on Sunday evening. Titus is another example. He stood on the sidelines and would not join the fun until different team members befriended him. He was accepted and loved unconditionally.

An organized and refreshed children's building provided the encouragement needed for an overwhelmed and tired children's ministry leader to regain her passion for teaching the children. The team members themselves were changed as they found a renewed desire to push forward in their own ministries at home.

Removed from cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, and email, the team focused on connecting with God and the people of Whiteriver in a special way. I stand amazed at how much God was able to do through us in one week.

One week to impact a nation-the Apache nation. One week to change 26 people-the team members. All of this was done in the name of Jesus.

Thanks to team members who gave through BGMC and blessed the ministry of Pastors Robert and Sharon Jimenez. They serve as missionaries to the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Because of their giving, BGMC was able to help with the renovations to the children's building and provide much-needed children's resources. May God continue to take this ministry one step closer to fulfilling the purpose He has for the children of that reservation.

Terry Willams serves as an AGUSM missionary to children

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