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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

She aspires to be a missionary, but already is one

Write-up provided by Andy Payton (children's pastor, New Life Church in Trumbull, Conn.) and Yolanda Ihasz

It all started about two years ago when Christine stood up during one Sunday morning Kidzone service and made a public declaration that she wanted to be a missionary. This declaration was secured when she told her mother that she heard a "bird chirping in her heart." Christine prayed and made a promise to God to do all she could to give her time, talent, and treasure to help children around the world learn about Jesus.

Christine belongs to New Life Church in Trumbull, Conn. Before her declaration, she had always brought her Buddy Barrel to church on BGMC Sunday, with money she collected from around the house, because that was what every other kid did. But after her conversation with God, Christine was motivated to do much more and looked for opportunities to find more than just loose change.

Christine began by collecting empty bottles and cans. As the word got out, people began bringing their cans by the bag loads to her. She began selling candy bars in the church foyer wrapped in BGMC stickers. Again the word got out, so people asked her for boxes of candy to sell in their offices and work places.

Christine and her mother decided to do one bake sale, which has grown in popularity to specifically themed baked goods for every major holiday, generating hundreds of dollars in sales that Christine gives wholeheartedly to BGMC.

Christine has even been invited to other churches to set up a table to inform others about BGMC and their mission. These churches then took offerings for Christine to add to her monthly giving.

At the beginning of last year, Christine set a goal of raising $1,500. Just after six months she was already close to surpassing that mark. By the year's end, she had more than doubled it.

To date this year, Christine has already raised over $1,300, and she is still going strong with a passion to outgive last year's amount. She continues to raise money for BGMC by selling candy, returning bottles for recycle, visiting a community church periodically for offerings, and making reusable items from duct tape-like purses, wallets, and handbags. She does whatever she can to raise the money.

Christine believes that the more money she can raise, the more kids BGMC can reach with the love of Jesus.

Now 10 years old, Christine eagerly awaits her chance to go on a missions trip and to share Christ herself. Her parents continue to remind her, however, that in the meantime that she is already spreading the gospel more than she will ever know.

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