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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Responding With a Heart of Compassion

by Olga Brandenberger, children's pastor, The Mission Church in Holmes, New York

After we began BGMC in February 2012 here at The Mission Church in Holmes, New York, the kids started out by giving $2.00. So far they have collected $968.06!

The kids have been coming up with their own creative ways to raise money for BGMC.  One 6-year-old girl, Mikayla, has become a waitress at home, and she gets paid for her work. She also makes beaded bracelets and sells them to friends, neighbors, and relatives. 

"We wanted to thank you for talking with Mikayla about missions and the importance of it," says her mom. "Ever since VBS, she has really taken an interest in raising money on her own [for BGMC]. She has turned our kitchen into ‘Bella Moscardis,' where she is the waitress during mealtimes. Now she has set up a bracelet stand called Bella Bracelets. She sells balloon bracelets and ankle bracelets to anyone who comes over and tells them about [our medical missionaries] and the trips they go on."

Another girl at church named Shirley started her own café called Shirley's Café. She sells sandwiches for 25 cents and coffee for 50 cents to her mom and dad. 

In addition, a group of kids in our church, the Pandolfo boys and their cousins the Hess kids, set up a lemonade stand during a community garage sale and sold lemonade to raise funds for BGMC.

Appearing in Above Photo, left to right: Selah Hess, Joshua Pandolfo, Solomon Hess, Nathan Pandolfo, Caleb Pandolfo

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