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Kid Power

BGMC Kids Send Christmas Gifts to Honduran Children

The BGMC kids of First Assembly in El Dorado, Ark., provided a special Christmas for the children of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This past December, they filled six large containers of care packets and mailed them to missionary Ken Harrell.

Children's pastor Michell Drummond wanted to personally involve her church kids in missions giving, so she challenged them to put together care packets. Each packet consisted of one-gallon zip-top bags full of gifts and other items, such as school supplies and basic hygiene items.

"Our entire church got so excited about this project that even the adults wanted to help the kids gather supplies," says Dummond.

Over the course of several weeks, Drummond and her kids assembled zip-top bags with supplies until they filled the six containers, each weighing around 80 pounds. Before the goodies were shipped to Harrell, the kids of First AG laid hands on and prayed over the items (see photo to left). The packages would travel overseas to be handed out during children's evangelistic services held by Harrell and his family.

"One of the little girls who helped came up to me after church one day and said, ‘Miss Michell, what amazes me is that these simple things we take for granted will make the best Christmas ever for the kids of Honduras,'" says Drummond. "She wanted to lay hands on and pray over every bag, so that the kids who would receive the gifts would sense her love for them. This nine-year-old had grasped the true meaning of her giving."

Drummond says she received a follow-up report from Harrell that over 400 kids had come to the outreach event where the care bags had been distributed (see bottom photo). She added that over 170 kids had accepted Christ that day and that the gifts her kids had given helped make that possible.

"Other missions programs offer a similar experience for kids, but with the Children's Gift Ministry that missionary Ken Harrell operates, we were able to know exactly how and when the gifts were distributed," Drummond says. 

Harrell says that he also follows up with each church by sending a personalized video to the church, showing the care bags being handed out to the Honduran kids during evangelistic services. Click here to view this Children's Gift Ministry video.

Click here for additional information on the Children's Gift Ministry.

Below: Ken Harrell with Honduran children during the outreach.


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