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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Jeremiah Gets the Idea Behind BGMC Giving

Jeremiah and his family moved to Dunwoody, Georgia, around December 2014, and to date he has given over $230 of his money to BGMC. Jeremiah is a PK (preacher’s kid). His parents came to Calvary Church here in Dunwoody to serve as our youth pastors. Jeremiah has been raised in a Christian home and is very aware of “missions” but never really applied it to himself. 

Here at Calvary Church, we challenge the kids to bring at least $1 every week for BGMC. We know that may be a challenge for some while others are able to give more. Our goal is to plant in the hearts of children the seed of giving to missions and to BGMC so they can reach other kids around the world who have never heard the message of Jesus.

Since January 2015, Jeremiah earned money by cleaning his uncle’s yard and other chores. He’s also donated his birthday money, bringing his total to over $230.

When Jeremiah was asked why he was giving all his money to BGMC, he said: “I could have bought toys, but I didn't really need them. I gave it because others need it. They need God, Jesus, Bibles, shelter, food. The point is I don't really need anything.”
Jeremiah is just one example of a student who “gets it” and understands the true meaning behind BGMC. We have seen our students step up to the challenge, and BGMC has taken on a whole new meaning to our RockHouse Kidz. We are praying that we have many more testimonies like Jeremiah’s to share as well. This year is going to be BIG!

—Amy Bilsland, children’s pastor and after-school/camp’s director

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