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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Kid Power

Abby and Her Birthday Fund-raiser

By Kim Thomas, Abby’s mother

Abby came to me one evening and let me know she had decided what she wanted to do for her birthday party. I haphazardly said something like, “Oh, yeah? What’s your theme?”

She responded by saying she wanted to do a fund-raiser. Now that piqued my attention, so I asked, “What do you want to raise funds for?”

Much to my surprise she said, “I want to raise funds for a well in Togo, Africa, because the little kids there don’t have clean water to drink, and they get sick from the dirty water.”

I asked where she had learned of such a need, since I didn’t even know that Togo, Africa, existed. She said she had heard about this country and the need during Mission Rotation Week at church one Sunday.

I explained to her how a fund-raiser birthday party could work, and she said, “Well, the kids can bring donations for the well instead of gifts.” I reminded her that it was her birthday and that would mean she wouldn’t get any gifts at the party. Abby quickly responded: “That’s okay, Mom! You get me what I need anyway, and I will still get to spend time with my friends.”

I waited a couple of weeks to see if she would change her mind.  One evening Abby called me into our game room and she had painted the drawing that is pictured beside the well (see photo right).

That’s when I realized she meant business. After a little research online, we made contact with some of our A/G missionaries, Mark and Vickie Alexander, who dig wells and who are located in Togo, Africa.

Mark and Vickie were gracious enough to send some BGMC goody bag fillers (information and prayer cards) for Abby’s birthday party.

To date, we have collected $958 and more checks are on their way. Thanks for teaching our kids about missions. They are “getting it!”

Below Left: Abby and her mother Kim making a presentation at the birthday party missions fund-raiser.

Below Right: Some of the offerings Abby had raised for BGMC at her birthday party.

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