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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Romania

Hi, kids! It's me, Buddy Barrel!

Are you ready to travel? This month we're going to Romania.

It's time to update your BGMC Passport notebook. Be sure to read all the great info about Romania in the Winnie Newsletter. And check out the map below to find Romania.

You can click here to read the Buddy Around the World letter from missionaries Sheila and Ian Hall. Click here to read the True Missions Story called "Rivers of Living Water."

Are you buckled up? It's launch time, and away we go!

Left is a map of Romania


Salut! Hello! Welcome to Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and Alina's home. Alina and her brother and parents live in a small apartment in this city of 2 million people. Her father works in an electronics factory, and her mother is a cashier in a department store. Alina is glad her grandmother lives with them too. She takes good care of them and cooks great food!

Pofta buna!

For breakfast, Alina eats eggs, cheese, and bread. During the week, the family eat their big meal in the evening. They start with a nice hot soup-just the thing on a cold day! Before eating, they tell each other "pofta buna"-enjoy the meal. After the soup, Mom and Grandmother serve meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. Ground pork, beef, or lamb is often served as a spicy sausage-shaped meatball called mititei.

Alina also loves Grandmother's sarmales, ground meat mixed with rice and rolled in grapevine leaves or pickled cabbage. At the end of the meal, they thank Mom and Grandmother, saying "Sarut mâna pentru masa" (Kiss your hand for the meal).

The Streets of Bucharest

About one out of 10 people in Romania lives in Bucharest. The Dîmbovita River flows through the city. Buses, cars, and trolleys move people along the streets, and a subway takes them under the streets. Most people have homes in the city and travel to work in the factories in the suburbs.

On her way to school, Alina passes buildings that are hundreds of years old-sitting next to new McDonald's and Pizza Hut restaurants. She also passes by other girls and boys her age who aren't on their way to school. Sadly, thousands of children have no families or have left home. They live on the streets and in the underground sewers.

Alina is thankful for what she has. Her apartment is in a large gray high-rise building. These buildings were put up during the years when the Communist government forced many people to move from the country to work in factories in the city. The apartments have electricity, but no bathrooms or running water or heat. Still, Alina is thankful to have her own bed and a family who loves her.

(Open the Winnie Newsletter below for the full story.)

Click here to print out the prayer needs for Romania.

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