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BGMC Passport

Passport to El Salvador

I’m about to launch off for El Salvador. Are you ready to blast off?

Hi there! It’s your friend, Buddy Barrel. Please co-pilot my airplane to Latin America as we learn all about the great country of El Salvador. Below are interesting facts for you to download and put in your BGMC Passport Binder. The map below will help you see where we’re headed.

1-2-3 … away we go!

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Antonio rubs his eyes and looks around the strange room. Outside, taxi horns blare and people chatter as they walk by. His brother and sister are still asleep, exhausted from yesterday’s long trip. Now Antonio remembers. He and his family are in his uncle’s house in San Salvador. They are starting a new life in the big capital city. It’s exciting—but kind of scary too!

Antonio looks around his uncle’s cement house, painted a light pink, with colorful flowers growing around it. It is pretty, but he misses their little clay-brick house with the thatched roof. In the country he had to work hard, picking coffee and helping his parents. Sometimes he fell asleep doing his homework. He misses playing soccer with his friends, and he even misses the overcrowded classroom. Antonio hopes that soon he will feel at home in San Salvador.

Let’s Play!

Antonio soon begins to make friends with several boys in the neighborhood. He is happy to learn that they like soccer as much as he does! They also teach him to play basketball at the park nearby.

Girls like to play baseball and softball as well, and Antonio can watch them practice in the park.

Tortillas & Tamales

Antonio loves tonight’s meal: pupusas. These are thick corn tortillas stuffed with frijoles (red beans) and cheese and even veggies. When they can afford it, Mama adds some beef or chicken to the tortillas. Antonio also enjoys Mama’s tamales—corn dough stuffed with meat or corn and wrapped in banana leaves. He also loves stews and soups, especially sopa de patas. This soup is made of corn, plantains (like bananas), tripe (stomach of a cow or other animal), and cow’s feet!


Salvadorans enjoy folk music, dancing, and festivals. Each town and city has its own festival that lasts for a weekend or even a week, with colorful parades and dances. Antonio wonders what San Salvador’s festivals will be like. He’ll learn very soon, because during the first week of August is the El Salvador del Mundo festival (the Savior of the world).

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Below: Map of El Salvador

Below: El Salvador's National Flag

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