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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

Passport to South Africa

Hello! It's your friend, Buddy Barrel, about to launch off in my BGMC airplane to South Africa. Would you be my co-pilot? Please download the content below for your BGMC Binder, and study the map to South Africa to see where we're heading.
Are you ready to take off? 1-2-3 and away we go!

CLICK HERE to download your Passport to South Africa!


Dankies waves to his friend Jacques, who hurries to Dankie’s apartment building so they can walk to school together. Dankies is still amazed at the tall buildings and all the traffic whizzing by them. His family just moved from a smaller town to the city of Johannesburg. Jacques helps him learn his way around. The boys talk to each other in a mixture of English and Afrikaans. Jacques is from a white family and speaks Afrikaans at home. Dankies is black and speaks SeTswana at home. Jacques is trying to learn SeTwana, so Dankies is helping him.

School Time

When Dankies’ and Jacques’ parents were kids, white kids and black kids had to go to different schools and live in different neighborhoods. Today, the government allows people to live where they want to. Kids of all colors go to school together. Most kids go to school until they are 15. They study in their own language and in English. The school year begins in January and goes through November, with breaks between terms.


Every September, a type of whale called the Southern Right Whale travels thousands of miles to the coast of South Africa to have their young. This event is called the best land-based whale watching in the world. People gather to watch the whales and hold festivals filled with entertainment—concerts, great food, sporting events, and more.


Dankies and Jacques like to visit each other’s homes and enjoy different food. At Dankie’s house, his mom serves them mealie mealie (a sort of cornmeal mush) with vegetables and some nice meat like beef or lamb. Jacques’ family sometimes have a braai (barbecue) on weekends. They grill beef and beorewors (spiced sausage), and more unusual meats like ostrich and antelope. Sometimes the boys buy some biltong (a dried-meat snack) from the pavement (sidewalk) vendor down the street.

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