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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

Passport to Honduras

Hey, kids! It’s me, Buddy Barrel! I hope you’ve created your own BGMC Passport Binder, that you’re downloading all the cool information about the countries I share about, and are placing these missionary thank-you letters and Winnie Newsletters in your binder.

Today I’m flying off to Honduras. Be my co-pilot and navigate us to Honduras. First, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Honduras. Check out the map of Honduras below, and read all the cool information below, plus the many downloads I’ve given you.

Are you ready to fly? 1-2-3 … away we go!

CLICK HERE to download your Passport to Honduras

Dunia (doo-NEE-a)

Buenos dias! Good day! Welcome to Dunia’s home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She lives in a little, brick house with her parents, brother Alberto, three sisters, and a grandmother. San Pedro Sula is a big city with nearly 1 million people, tucked in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Dunia’s father drives a city bus. Her mother has just gotten a job at a clothing factory. Grandmother watches the littlest girls and runs a little pulperia (a small shop) at the house. Dunia and her brother Alberto go to school.

Children’s Day

Hondurans celebrate many of the same holidays you do. Christmas and Easter are the biggest holidays. In September is Children’s Day. On that day, adults will stop and shake Dunia’s hand when she’s on her way to school. At school, the kids get candy and small gifts.

On October 12, while children in the U.S. are remembering Christopher Columbus, Hondurans observe Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race [Hispanic]). Although Columbus discovered South America as well as North America, most South Americans use this day as a day to celebrate the Native American race they descended from.

Also in October, while many in the U.S. are celebrating Halloween, Hondurans observe the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). On this day, the people remember their relatives who have died, and they will visit the gravesites of loved ones.

Fun Times

In the country or the city, wherever boys are gathered, they will have a soccer ball! Soccer is the favorite sport in Honduras. San Pedro Sula has two stadiums. Dunia’s brother Alberto was so excited when the city hosted the Central American Games, and teams from many countries came to play. He even got to go to a game with some friends!

Boys and girls both like playing bate (BAH-tay—baseball) and softball. Girls play basketball as well. Boys and men like to play card games and dice games, or dominoes. Some enjoy tennis, bicycle races, golf, and swimming.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Winnie's Newsletter.


Below: Map of Honduras

Below: Honduras National Flag

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