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BGMC Passport

Passport to Iceland

Would you think that a country named Iceland could be anything other than ICE? Hello, I’m Buddy Barrel, your pilot about to fly off to Iceland. Join me to learn some interesting facts about this nation. Open the "PPT: Interesting Facts about Iceland" download below. You may be surprised at some of the photos that show a country other than just ice.

Will you be my co-pilot and help navigate to Iceland? Your first step is to view the map below of Iceland to see where we’re heading. Read up on all the cool info about Iceland, and add it your BGMC Passport Binder.  Your 2016 BGMC Passport Binder should be full by now!

A 1, a 2, and a 3 … away we go!

CLICK HERE to download your BGMC Passport to Iceland!

Lilja (lil-yah)

Lilja and her brother Einar (EYE-nahr) jump off the school bus and unlock the door of their home. They live in a quiet neighborhood in the capital city, Reykjavik (RAKE-ya-vick). Their parents are both still at work, and they have told Einar and Lilja to use this time to study or practice their music lessons. Einar pulls a book from his backpack and begins to read. Icelanders love books, and Iceland prints more books per person than any other country! Lilja begins practicing piano. Icelanders enjoy music and especially choir singing.

Winter Fun

During the summer, the sun is up almost all the time, even at night. But in the winter, there are only a few hours of light each day. Still, there is plenty to do in winter in Iceland. Lilja and her brother both love to ride the little Icelandic ponies and swim outdoors in the pools. Outdoor pools in winter? Iceland’s pools are heated by hot springs under the ground and are toasty warm even in winter.

13 Santas!

The celebrations for Christmas in Iceland are very old, dating back hundreds of years. If you were to go to Iceland for Christmas, you can expect to see 13 different Santa Clauses, called jolasveinar in Icelandic. Each Santa has his own name, character, and role. Some of the names are quite silly: Gilly Oaf, Shorty, Spoon-licker, Door-slammer, and Sausage-pilfer.

These Santas come to town bringing gifts and candy, and sometimes a prank or two. The first one arrives 13 days before Christmas, then the others follow, one each day. After Christmas, they leave one by one. That makes the Christmas season last 26 days!

A special Icelandic custom for children is to put a shoe in the window from December 12 until Christmas Eve. If you have been good that day, one of the Santas will leave a gift in the shoe. If you’ve been bad that day, you’ll get a potato.

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Map of Iceland

Iceland's Flag

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