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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

Passport to Burkina Faso

Hello, boys and girls! Once again, a Happy New Year! Thanks for all you did in 2016 to help BGMC.

Are you ready to travel with me? This month I’m flying to Burkina Faso!  I need a good co-pilot, so download all the interesting info below and prepare for our trip.

Since it’s a New Year, make a 2017 BGMC Passport so you can fill it with all the info I’ll share with you throughout the year. Let’s begin with the below downloads about Burkina Faso.

Now buckle up and prepare for blast off. 1-2-3 away we go!


Download your BGMC Passport below!

Amadou (ah-mah-DOO)

Kibaré!” (kee-bah-RAY) Amadou says to the boys crowded around the foosball table. “Lafi,” (lah-FEE) they all answer, except the two who are quickly turning the handles that make the soccer “men” kick the ball and score. Beef kebobs sizzle on a grill. Two men straddle a bench and play checkers. Under a nearby tree, two women braid the hair of another woman. Her three little ones chase each other in the sand. This small restaurant is a popular gathering place for the people in Amadou’s village.

Village Life

Most of Burkina Faso’s people, called Burkinabé (burr-keen-ah-BAY), live in small villages. They grow their own food and raise animals, such as cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. Many farmers grow cotton to sell. Everyone helps. The entire family works in the fields and cares for the animals.

From Here to There

Few people in the country have cars or even motorbikes. Many use bicycles to carry items—even things like goats, huge clay water jars, and rolled-up mats. In the cities, cars and taxis share the road with LOTS of mobylettes (small motorcyles). Some women carry basins of fresh strawberries or other goods on their heads as they ride!

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Above: Map of Burkina Faso and Africa continent

Burkina's national flag

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