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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Africa’s Hope

Hi there! Buddy Barrel here, and I’m about to fly off to Africa. There, I’ll be visiting with Africa’s Hope missionaries. They provide resources to the Assemblies of God Bible schools.  Africa is experiencing a great move of God’s Spirit. There are so many people coming to Jesus that the need for trained pastors is great. And to reach the kids of Africa, we must have churches with pastors. That’s where Africa’s Hope comes in. So get your BGMC Passport to Africa’s Hope ready, and travel with me to Africa.  1-2-3 … away we go!

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What if you were learning to solve math problems—but your teacher didn’t know how to do them? What if your English teacher barely spoke English and mixed it up with another language? You wouldn’t learn to do math or speak English properly.

What if you went to church, and the pastor or your teacher didn’t know much at all about God or the Bible? In many churches in Africa, this happens. Lots of people are hearing about Jesus, and they want to live for Him. These same people may mix up what they know about the Bible with what their old religions taught them. They need a pastor who has studied God’s Word and who can teach them to live right.

Kossi recently graduated from an African Bible school, thanks to Africa’s Hope and BGMC. Now he can teach others about the Bible and lead many to Jesus.

Missions Training

In the Bible, the eleventh hour was the last hour before midnight—the very end of the day. If you want to get something done that day, and it’s the eleventh hour, it means you had better hurry because there’s not much time left!

Many people around the world need to hear about Jesus—and we don’t know how much time there is before Jesus comes! That’s why Africa’s Hope calls its missions-training program the “Eleventh-Hour Institute.” At these meetings, African pastors and missionaries come together and study what the Bible says about missions. They learn how they can send missionaries and be good missionaries. Many Assemblies of God churches in Africa are sending missionaries to other countries!

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Map of Africa

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