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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Spain

Hey, hey! It's Buddy Barrel! I'm about to blast off in my BGMC airplane headed to Spain. Help guide the plane during our trip by looking at the map of Europe and Spain. I've provided lots of great facts about Spain that can be downloaded below for your BGMC Passport Binder. Learn how kids in Spain live, and get your parent to help you with the Winnie's recipe below. Are you ready for the trip?
1-2-3 … here we go!

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Maritza looked out the apartment window, down onto the street five floors below. She waved at a couple of kids from the building across the street. “Buenos dias (good morning)!” they shouted up. Maritza answered them, but more quietly, because her brother, Juan, was still sleeping. Of course, living in a small apartment in a bustling city, Maritza and Juan and their parents have learned to sleep through plenty of noise!

Time for School

Maritza and her brother live near their school and walk together. Classes start at 9:00, and then they go home for lunch at 12:30. They go back to school at 3:30 and stay until 5:00. School is out in July and August, and most families take vacations then. Kids in Spain go to school until they are 16. If they have good grades, they can then do two more years of school and go on to college. Or, they can do two years of training to learn a skill.

Outdoor (and Indoor) Fun

Like most Spaniards, Maritza’s brother Juan loves to play and watch soccer. Madrid’s soccer team, Real Madrid (real is pronounced ray-AHL and means royal), is one of the best teams in the world. When they play Barcelona, another Spanish team, sports fans gather around the TV or crowd into the stadium to enjoy the great rivalry.

Juan goes to a sports club to play on a soccer team, since schools do not have team sports. He is also learning to play basketball and loves to swim when his family goes on vacation at the beach in July.

On rainy days, Maritza likes to watch TV, practice playing her guitar, or read, but she’d rather be outdoors! Spain has nice weather for hiking, bicycling, sailing, and other outdoor activities. Lots of tourists come to enjoy the fun and festivals in the summer, and skiing in the mountains in the winter.



Above: Map of Spain

Spain's national flag


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