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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Jordan

Hello there! It’s your friend, Buddy Barrel, ready for another flight around the world.

This month we’re traveling to Jordan. CLICK HERE to read a thank-you letter from the church workers there that you have helped. Download your BGMC Passport to Jordan and load up on all the cool information below about Jordan. You can keep these downloads in your very own BGMC Passport Binder.

It’s time to launch off. Are you ready? 1-2-3 … away we go!


CLICK to open and download your BGMC Passport to Jordan


Marhaba! Hello! Hala opens the door wide, and her grin is even wider as her four cousins rush in. Hala and her brother Samir love to have visitors—especially their cousins! Hala’s mother greets her aunt and uncle. The adults settle down on comfortable chairs and talk to the children for a few minutes while Mother prepares some tea. Then the boys run off to another room to play.

Fun Times

While the adults are talking, Hala’s brother Samir grabs a ball and heads outside with the boy cousins to practice their soccer moves on the street. They have to stop now and then to let a car pass. The boys also like basketball, volleyball, and the martial arts, such as karate.

Hala stays inside with the girl cousins and shows them a new doll Mother helped her to make. Like most kids, she enjoys video games and TV, and she’s learning to use a computer in school. Hala enjoys music, both Arabic and Western, and is taking dance lessons.

Named Backwards?

In Jordan, parents are often called by the name of their oldest son. For example, Hala’s father is called Abu Samir, after her brother, Samir. (Abu means father, so Abu Samir means “father of Samir.”) Her mother is called Um Samir. (Um means mother). This might seem a little backwards to children in the U.S., who are sometimes named after their parents.

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Above: Map of Eurasia and Jordan

Above: Jordan's National Flag

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