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BGMC Passport to HealthCare Ministries

Summer is zooming by, and already television ads are talking about where to buy the cheapest school supplies and clothing. Take a moment from grabbing the sunshine by learning how a very helpful missions ministry called HealthCare Ministries is helping the physically needy people get help and find hope in Jesus Christ.


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Sumayah lives in Tajikistan, which is north of India and just west of China. Sumaya was having a hard time in school because she couldn’t read the lessons. She knew she needed glasses, but her family is poor and could not afford the eye exam.

Then one day, HealthCare Ministries came to her town and set up a clinic. And it was free! Sumayah was able to go and get an eye exam. She was even able to get a pair of glasses that were just right for her!

The doctors and nurses who worked with HealthCare Ministries told her about a God who loves her so much that He sent His Son. Not only did they give her new glasses, they gave her new hope!

Working with Missionaries

Wherever they can, HCM works alongside missionaries to bring physical healing and spiritual salvation. They often set up clinics near where a missionary is working. Oftentimes, this opens up opportunities that would never have happened otherwise. For example, on one island in the country of Vanuatu (South Pacific), the chief of a village would not allow the missionary to speak to his people. But when the chief’s wife had an injury and HCM treated her and told her about Jesus, the chief saw a change in her. He then allowed the missionary to come and talk to the entire village!

Working with Volunteers

Through HealthCare Ministries, medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, and pharmacists volunteer their time to travel around the world and minister to those who are sick and hurting.

Working with Children

Children are among those hardest hit by disease and malnutrition. HCM provides medical care for their physical bodies and the message of salvation for their eternal souls.

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