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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Kenya

Hey kids! Can you find the nation of Kenya on a world globe? Here’s a hint: It’s in the continent of Africa. On the east coast of Kenya is the Indian Ocean. The country of Somalia is to its north and Tanzania to its south.  See the map of Kenya below.

Check out the downloads and print them out for your homemade BGMC Passport Binder.

Are you ready to travel? Get your BGMC Passport ready, buckle up, and away we go!

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Habari gani?” Nyambura (nee-ahm-boo-ra) greets her cousin Pius, who is just coming out of his stone house. Nyambura’s little sister Jacinta follows them, proudly carrying new notebooks for her first day of school. The three kids chatter in Swahili, their own language. Jacinta’s classes will be in Swahili, and she will begin to learn English. Nyambura is beginning the fourth grade, where all her classes will be in English.

Village Life

Most Kenyans live in small villages or towns and raise their own food and animals. Their houses are made of mud and wooden poles, with thatched roofs, or of brick or stone with metal roofs. Many villages do not have electricity, and women and girls must go fetch water from a well and firewood for cooking. Often grandparents or other family members share the home or live nearby.

School Time

Schools in the villages are often harambee schools. Harambee is a Swahili word that means “pulling together.” In these schools, parents and many teachers work together to teach the kids about farming, health, and jobs, as well as regular school subjects.

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Below: Kenya map and flag

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