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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

BGMC Passport

BGMC Passport to Costa Rica

Are you ready to travel? Hi, it's Buddy Barrel here, ready to blast off to Costa Rica. Be my co-pilot by finding our destination on the map below. Download the BGMC Passport for your BGMC Binder and read up on all God Is doing in Costa Rica. Okay, 1-2-3, away we go!

Click on the BGMC Passport to Costa Rica to download


“Como está? Todo bien?” Miguel greets his friend, Bruno. This means, “How are you? Is everything fine?” Bruno answers, “Pura vida.” Pura vida literally means “pure life,” and it’s the way people in Costa Rica say “fine” or “okay,” or “it’s all good.” People in Costa Rica are often called Ticos, a nickname used for them all over Central America.

Life in Limon

Miguel and his family live in Puerta Limon (PWARE-tah LEE-mohn), a city on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The Limon region is the hottest part of the country, and it rains a lot. The rain helps water the banana trees that grow on plantations around the city.

Full Belly

After eating a good meal, Miguel says, “Barriga llena, corazón contento” (bah-REE-gah YAY-na, cor-ah-ZOHN con-TEN-toh), meaning “full belly, happy heart.” Miguel’s mom cooks wonderful meals, so Miguel and his family have very happy hearts! Almost every meal includes gallo pinto (GAH-yo PIN-toh)—rice and black beans fried in oil. For breakfast, Miguel eats gallo pinto with eggs.

The Port

The boys love to visit the port. Miguel’s dad works there, loading big ships with bananas and other fruits, coffee, sugar, beef, and flowers. Miguel also likes to watch the cruise ships that bring tourists to visit the town. Many people take boat tours along the rivers, hoping to see sloths, monkeys, parrots, birds, and other critters. Others go to the market to buy souvenirs, or they go to the warm, sandy beaches.

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Below: Costa Rica Map and National Flag

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