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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Just Share It!

Just Share It: The GO formula for "Pray, Give, Go."



BGMC is all about praying, giving, and going. Kids across the nation are learning, through BGMC, how to pray for missionaries and how to give to missions through BGMC. Now BGMC offers a new opportunity for you to be a missionary to your world.

Take a look at how to reach your world (where you live) and the world (the U.S. and foreign missions fields).

Reach Your World


You can become a missionary right where you live by becoming an E-LIFE Kid to your school and to your community.

An E-LIFE Kid is one who makes new friendships so he or she can then share Jesus with others. The E-LIFE Kid also mentors (helps someone grow spiritually) other kids. An E-LIFE Kid is any student (recommended for grades 3-6) who commits to and demonstrates (shows) the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid-Seek, Show, Share, Invite, and Invest.

  • Seek the Spirit's help to help others
  • Show kindness and friendship to others
  • Share "The Story" (why Jesus came to live and die on earth)
  • Invite others to know Jesus and to church
  • Invest in the lives of others

The ultimate goal of the E-LIFE Kid is to share the "E-LIFE Plan" (plan of salvation) with other kids and to disciple them in their spiritual walk with Jesus. But before an E-LIFE Kid can share about Jesus, he or she must first build friendships by showing kindness and friendship.

To begin, learn the requirements for being an E-LIFE Kid and an E-LIFE Kid missionary. (Open download below for details.) Also, memorize the E-LIFE Plan Scriptures (open download below) and learn how to share the E-LIFE Plan with other kids as the Holy Spirit provides opportunities.

"Go 3-D" activities are offered to help you build friendships with others and show you how to share your faith with others. Plus, children's pastors and leaders can offer many of the E-LIFE activities that are provided for leaders on the E-LIFE Web site at

E-LIFE Kids learn how to seek, show, share, invite, and invest (as shown above) through these fun and relative activities:

  • Get Real: Real-life stories and role-plays of how to interact with other kids who may not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • E-xtreme Fun: Games that teach lessons on being an E-LIFE Kid.
  • High Octane: Devotionals that teach through object lessons.
  • SnapShots: Scripture pictures that can be decoded and memorized.
  • Instant Replays: Illustrated stories and Bible stories that can either be read or portrayed through drama.

Targeting Public Schools: You can serve as missionaries to your world once you learn the simple qualifications of being an "E-LIFE Kid" and an "E-LIFE Kid Missionary." Once you do this, then you can get involved in school outreach in several ways:

  • Personal evangelism
  • Before- or after-school group huddles for prayer and during "Seeing You At The Pole."
  • Teachers' Day-E-LIFE Kids showing acts of kindness to the teachers
  • Work days at the school, led by your children's pastor/leader
  • After-school clubs

Reach The World

You can learn how to reach your world as an E-LIFE Kid, but don't stop there. Learn how to claim other cities and nations for God's kingdom and to reach the world. When you learn firsthand of how to reach your world for Christ, it's only natural that you will also want to reach the world by targeting stateside cities and other countries through special projects, giving, and praying.

To begin learning how to reach the world, check out the sections on this Web site called "Just Pray It!" and "Just Fill It!" The "Just Pray It!" section is designed to help you learn more about praying for missionaries and their efforts to reach the world for Jesus. The "Just Fill It!" section will show ways how you can raise funds for missionaries through BGMC.

Get actively involved in reaching the world through BGMC by doing unique and fun fund-raising projects. Learn how to target entire nations by learning about overseas missionary efforts, by aggressively praying for our foreign missionaries and their ministries, and by raising BGMC funds for world missions efforts.

Explore this entire Web site to learn more about how you can reach the world for Jesus.

There's more! Ask your children's pastor or leader at church to contact your church-sponsored home missionaries who are ministering to needy communities. They can learn how you and other students can support their ministries-such as praying for special needs, being pen pals to the children in their communities, and even organizing a missions trip in the U.S.A. for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. (Note: We do NOT recommend overseas missions trips for kids.)

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