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True Missions Stories

Fiji: "Savannah's Prayer"

Savannah Slater, age 9, watched as the small boy hunched over the lap of his mother. He had been vomiting, and his feverish little body was restless. His mother did what she could to make him comfortable. As he whimpered into his mother's dress, Savannah felt a little nudge in her heart. "Daddy, can I go over and pray for that little boy?" she pleaded.

Her father, missionary Steve Slater, who had been preaching at the Savusavu crusade, nodded his head and replied, "Sure, honey."

Savannah quietly shuffled over to stand beside the concerned mother. "Tulou (Excuse me). May I pray for your boy?"

The Fijian mother looked up, surprised. "Io!" she said. That means "yes" in Fijian. The concern in her eyes was deep.

Savannah knelt down next to the small, sweaty body and closed her eyes. "Dear Jesus, I know you love this little boy. He's so sick. Please heal him and help him to feel better. Thank you, Jesus."

Savannah stood up, and the mother squeezed her hand.

"Vinaka vaka levu," (Thank you so much) the woman said.

Savannah walked back to the shed where her family was finishing up with a meal of fish and dalo (a root like a potato) that the village women had prepared for them.

"Time to go now," Savannah's father turned to say. Savannah waved good-bye to the mother and her small son. The Slaters piled into their Speed the Light car and headed back over the mountains to their home in Labasa.

Over a week later, Savannah's father returned to the community of Savusavu and stopped in one of the shops.

The mother of the small boy walked by and saw him. She ran into the shop and cried, "Talatala! Talatala! (Pastor, Pastor!) You must know something!

After you left the church that night, my little boy jumped up and began to play with all the other children! He was healed! I am so glad your daughter prayed for my son! Please tell her what Jesus did!" The mother laughed for joy.

Above: Savannah with a Fijian boy


Savannah was glad that God had healed that little boy and had answered her prayers. Now she could say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Today, Jesus still answers our prayers for healing. He is our Great Physician, and we can always call on Him when we are sick. We can also pray for our family and friends who need a special touch from Jesus.


Information for this story was provided by missionaries Steve and Nola Slater and is used with permission from Assemblies of God World Missions.

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