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Where BGMC Goes

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Asia Pacific

Where BGMC Goes: Asia Pacific

Our home missions field is the United States of America. However, when you look at this and other "Where BGMC Goes" regions on this Web page, you'll learn about the various geographic regions our world missionaries minister in.

The regions identified by Assemblies of God World Missions are Europe, Eurasia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia Pacific.


About the Philippines

Location: Southeast Asia, between the Philippines Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam

Capitol: Manila

Climate: tropical with long periods of monsoons (heavy rains, nearly nonstop)

Population: 96,061,680

Median (average) Age: 22.3 years

Languages: Filipino (official), English (official)

Ethnic Groups: Tagalog (28.1%), Cebuano (12.1%), Ilacano (9%), Bisaya/Binisaya (7.6%), Hiligaynon Ilonggo (7.5%), Bikol (6%), Waray (3.4%), Other (25.3%)

Religions: Roman Catholic (80.9%), Muslim (5%), Evangelical (2.8%), other Christian (4.5%), Iglesia ni Kristo (2.3%), Aglipayan (2%), other (2.5%).

How BGMC Is Helping the Philippines

Darrell and Sandy Blatchley serve as the Assemblies of God Family Circus missionaries in Davao City, Philippines. Their priority is to reach children and their families for Jesus. Today, they have 2,000-plus children and 1,000-plus adults regularly attending services each week.

The Blatchley's biggest challenge is to reach all the children who need to know Jesus. Davao City has 5,000 children who live on the streets, Darrell says, and many call Family Circus their church. "When my wife Sandy and I walk along the streets, these kids don't come running to beg from us, they come running for a hug, which we are quick to give them," says Darrell. "Most of the kids we work with are very poor-some live in the dumps and even get their food from those dumps. Other children live in shacks and slums."

Dow is one of those children. He can often be found standing silently out in the street at a busy intersection. People in cars, stopped at the red light, look at this little child drooling and gazing vacantly in their windows. Most will try to ignore him, but some take pity and roll their car windows down to press a coin into his hand. He has enough street smarts to know that this can help him buy food to live.

"I admit," says Darrell, "that six years ago we did not plan to start a church. We were here in the Philippines to assist and train the national church. When the kids began to follow us into local churches, we did our best to find them a church to call home. In the meantime, we held Sunday School for them each week at McDonald's®.

"After three months we outgrew McDonalds® with 120 kids. We transferred to a small rented building, where in six years we grew to our current attendance, averaging 3,500 each week in six services in a space the size of some church platforms."

In September 2007, Dow, then age 10, was at this first service in the Family Circus tent the Blatchley's just began, with about 4,000 others in the standing-room only service. "It was very hot," Darrell said. "As we stood to sing, the heat took away my breath."

On that Saturday of the test run in that tent, 4,000-plus Family Circus church members came-including over 1,200 adults. The tent was too crowded, so on the following week the Blatchley's conducted multiple services.

The area surrounding the tent is called "The Muslim Friendship Village." Many of the neighbors are already faithful members of Family Circus Church, and they were happy to have us move into their neighborhood.

"Thanks for giving to BGMC," Darrell says. "Please keep us in your prayers as we work through the growing pains, bringing to Jesus this multitude of children and their families."

Thanks for helping reach the kids of Asia Pacific for Christ!


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