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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

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Where BGMC Goes: Eurasia

Thanks to kids giving to BGMC, we're helping Joey and Carla in Eurasia with projects such as shelters and after-school clubs for kids!

Everyday as they travel the streets, Joey and Carla see desperate children. Not a day goes by they don't hear a child's hand tapping on their car window wanting their attention. Every Sunday on their way to church, Joey and Carla feel a child tugging at their sides, as they look down to see a beautiful face covered by dirt and often tears.

"We hear pleas for food as children reach their fingers to their mouths signifying the emptiness of their stomachs," says Joey. "Some do cartwheels as another child plays a heartless drumbeat. Most will do anything to get just one rupee [currency]."

Often they are forced to beg and do more hideous acts because they have been trapped into gangs or bought as slaves. You might think that because these kids are so common that many people would try to stop this injustice. But the sad fact is that the problem has become too common, says Joey.

"Most just past by; these children have become invisible." According to Joey, the country he and Carla work in has over 1 million street children. Of those children, 70,000 live in just one city.

The good news is that these children are not invisible to God! He sees their eyes full of despair, hears their hopeless cries, and even knows their names.

"We pray that God will use us to help them," says Joey. "If not rescued, many of the children will be forced to do horrible things or even use drugs and die of drug abuse."

BGMC is helping Joey and Carla with BGMC funds to open Shelters of Refuge for these kids, where they can receive love, a good meal, a bath, basic medical care, and lessons from the Bible.


Thank you for helping reach the children of Eurasia for Christ!



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