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BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Where BGMC Goes

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Latin America & the Caribbean

Where BGMC Goes: Latin America & Caribbean

Look what BGMC kids are doing to help a missionary in Paraguay! Missionary Cynthia Lucas thanks you and other BGMC kids for helping her reach kids through "In His Arms" ministry by giving to BGMC.

Our home missions field is the United States of America. However, when you look at this and other "Where BGMC Goes" regions on this Web page, you'll learn about the various geographic regions our world missionaries minister in.

The regions identified by Assemblies of God World Missions are Europe, Eurasia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia Pacific.


About Paraguay

Location: Central South America

Climate: Subtropical, low rainfall in the eastern part and semi-arid (dry) in the far west

Population: 6,831,306

Language: Spanish (official), Guarani (official)

Median (average) Age: 21.7

Ethnic Groups: Mestrizo (mixed Spanish and Amerindian, 95%), other (5%)

Religions: Roman Catholic (89%), Protestant (6.2%), other Christian (1.1%), other or none (3%)

How BGMC Is Helping Paraguay

As you can see from the picture to the left, the In His Arms church in Asunción, Paraguay, is overflowing with children. Foreign missionary Cynthia Lucas conducted a five-week Festival of Colors and presented the gospel message to the children.

Those who faithfully attended each received a T-shirt with the In His Arms logo on the front and the plan of salvation on the back.

"The church was filled to more than capacity," Cynthia says. "By faith, we're serving hot chocolate and vitamin-enriched cookies to the children to give them nourishment and warmth from the cold."

Cynthia adds that many of the kids attending In His Arms come poorly clothed, most with flip-flops and T-shirts, even during the winter months.

In an effort to generate funds for the church facilities and outreach, Cynthia asked for BGMC funds. Cynthia began "A Cup of Cold Water" campaign for the street children of Asunción. "With just a little effort, for the cost of a bottle of cold water, we can provide a child's lunch," she says.

Thank you for helping reach the kids of Latin America for Christ!



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